Elderly Animals Video

July 1, 2012

Part of  life as a animal photographer is dealing with animals that are coming to their end (like last week’s Aggie & Tobi post).

Fine art photographer Isa Leshko tackles this in her body of work Elderly Animals. The video below is a great little snippet into her world and her work — why she shoots the way that she does.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my favorite shot is of  a photo they show when she is talking about how some subjects are defiant and stare down the camera.  It’s of a 19 year old Australian Kelpie and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

You can link to her Elderly Animals portfolio via her website.

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Tobi & Agnes

June 23, 2012

When Agnes contacted me about a shoot for her best four legged friend, I couldn’t help but be moved. Tobi was getting a bit on the older side and she wanted some pictures to forever remember the good times between them.  For me, it struck a deep chord, having lost my favourite girl not even a year ago.

So, post haste, we set a date, I packed my gear and went to go see one of the sweetest senior dogs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Tobi was quite a trooper during the shoot. While still full of life, age was definitely taking its toll — he’d take a few steps then plop down roughly, exhausted from the effort. Through it all, though, the years of love these two shared was unmistakable and obvious. I’m so glad to have been a part of that and to record this time for posterity.

Here’s some of my favourite shots from a shoot absolutely chock-full with small remembered moments, old habits and familiar customs.

Take care, old girl.

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A Big Family

March 4, 2012

Back when I had the great fortune of photographing the gorgeous husky Kano, we had talked briefly about meeting the rest of his family. They regularly get together just to see how everyone’s doing and, of course, to have a giant play date of the entire family tree.

I was graciously invited to come and see this marvel for myself. So, with camera in tow — not to mention two pants, three tops, a parka, double gloves, a hat, scarf and earmuffs– I caught up with the family in the west end for a frigid frolic in the snow.

Clearly, the origin of Kano’s good looks should no longer be a mystery. A beautiful, loving troupe if I ever saw one.

Many, many thanks to Tanya for the invite and a big shout out to the Family.

(Want more? Check out the whole set over here)

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Simple Things

December 15, 2011

As the holiday season approaches (and as we slowly get caught up with all of our projects over here), and the bustle of parking lots, overcrowded malls and hostile shoppers bear down, it’s worth remembering that this is time that can be better spent enjoying the simpler things in life.

Time off from work? Go have a nice, longer-than-usual walk with your bestfriend on a different route.  Sit together outside on a bench with a small coffee, sip it slowly and make it last. My latest personal favourite, putting on a pair of good headphones or setting up some speakers and just listening to some music that you once loved dearly but have since forgotten about.

As for your dog, they’ll be just fine with your company. They just want you for Christmas.

Since everyone’s starting to put up warm-and-fuzzy video this time of year, here’s my contribution, tweeted by @serena_so. Dogs have a way of making everything all right with the world.

Life can be simple.





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Sam & Karen & Chris

October 27, 2011

Photographing puppies are always a bit of a tenuous event for me. They’re usually incredibly high energy, running every which way makes for an incredibly hard time getting them in frame, let alone focusing a shot.

We usually get around this by running and playing  with them, taking the edge off that energy and reducing their run speed to only with-slightly-less-fervour. Sort of like wolves running down a gazelle – but with a adorable, heart-warming result.

Sam was definitely the exception to the rule. For the entire time he was in front of my camera, he was content to simply laze around on the grass. Even his favourite octopus toy could only rouse his attention for a brief moment until he submitted to simply laying beside it. According to his owners, his laziness was not a product of a long walk or intense play session: he’s like that pretty much all of the time. Luckily, his cheek-squishing-cute factor was unaffected.

Definitely can’t wait for his next shoot when he’s a bit older.

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On Saying Goodbye

July 29, 2011

Been holding on to this beautiful gem of a video for a while now. Like many things that come across our lives and touch us in deeply profound ways, I know not how it found me, but I know how it left me.

If you truly love dogs — and especially if you have the privilege of owning a dog — wait for a quiet moment when you’re home before watching this. Definitely not something to play at most offices.

Other than that little forewarning, there are no other words for this master piece.

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