Seven by Five Profile

February 14, 2011

Was super humbled when the UK-based Seven by Five photography magazine asked to profile me as part of their on-going photographer showcase series.

Was really unsure as to what I should focus on — technical camera work; my creative process; the conceptual flow of a shoot.  Finally, I realized I should focus on the thing that many people gloss over or never even consider: dropping what you’re doing to follow your passions.

The profile evolved into a brief chronicle about that narrow slice of my life when I was pondering the existential question of what I should choose to do with my life (you know, that whole idea that you have absolutely freedom to choose what you do in life, but with the caveat that you are simultaneously responsible for that absolutely free choice).  It was a really tough choice between remaining a web developer, where I somehow felt something was missing, and becoming a photographer that promised a more creative life path.

Reading it over, I was beside myself with disbelief: I’d have never thought this meandering line through life would have been my own.

You can check out the article here: Slice of Humble Pie.

They also asked for a follow up article about some tips to shooting pets, so be on the look out for that.

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